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Professional Real Estate Photography

Are you are one click away from losing a buyer? In today's web driven real estate market you have one chance to capture the buyer with an image before they click away to the next listing. Get their attention with professional photography.

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Magazine Quality

Perfectly Framed, Sharply Detailed, Luminescent

Have you ever looked at a magazine and marveled at the photographs? We deliver the same quality of images using exactly the same state of the art techniques, specialized equipment and software. Our skill, technique and process increase the range of luminance, sharpness, and detail. Our experience enables us to more accurately represent the range of intensity levels occurring naturally in the home.

Powerful Marketing

Digital Broadcasting

We broadcast your images across the web elevating your visibility our 10,000+ social media outlets. Included in all our real state photography is an unbranded tour, hosted on our very own dedicated server, YouTube channel broadcast your listing the web by twitter, Facebook postings, video broadcast, and links. Our robust social media network provides your listing more visibility on the web, increasing your Search Engine Ranking.

Farm and Ranch

We have the Experience, the Skill, the Gear and the Passion!

We have a special passion for farm and ranch photography. Our skill reveals the uniqueness of your property by documenting the buildings, tanks, roads fencing, even prize livestock. We love the breathtaking views Texas offers and capture high definition panoramas, video, stills, and elevated shots.

Technical Support

Enabling you to focus on your business

We don't sell homes, you do. Keeping abreast of swiftly changing technology and learning new software can consume your time leaving you frustrated. Don't spend a minute being frustrated, call us. Technology is our playground, use our skill set to compliment yours.

Digital Marketing Partnership

Our comprehensive digital marketing services and photography for real estate professionals, builders, commercial enterprises, home owners, designers, and architects launches your marketing fast. We help you maximize the impact of your home for the 97% of home buyers who start their search on the web by providing you exceptional imagery and a robust digital broadcast through social media channels. Our product is backed up by our media network that broadcasts your listing to several twitter feeds, three websites, Facebook, GooglePlus, Pintrest linkedin and YouTube.

Agent Resources

We've linked two of our most popular agent's resources for our clients, the homeowner instructions on making the most of your shoot and a social media sell sheet for your marketing kits, these are free resources to use as your choose, just click the link to download.

  • Multi-Flash Studio Lighting

    Shooting with wireless multi-flash units and a bare blub stobe with 360 watt output adds drama, dimension, illuminates fine details, reduces floor glare, and adds vibrance to the view from a window. We feel it's an essential part of producing stunning images.

    We use multiple flash units and a portable medium format strobe to light areas of a room creating dramatic eye catching results.

  • Elevated Photography

    Low Altitude imagery by Eagle Eye. This is a highly restricted service, but oh so fun! We restrict operations to line of sight, low altitudes, and the property must not be close to an airport. We require the agent have a waiver on file with us and be photography permitted by the Home Owners Association.

    This product is a great compliment to a farm and ranch or a large estates where a panoramic view provides breathtaking images and video of the property.

  • Walking Video Tour

    Coming Soon! Need a low cost solution for video, time lapse or a 360? We're offering Full Motion 4K, and Time-Lapse recording using a camera mounted on a hand held 3-Axis Gimbal enabling you to get smooth video at a great price, $15o.

    When you need to standout from the crowd or want to mix up you product offering, this video is specifically designed for your social media outlets like YouTube and Facebook.

  • Notary Services

    Mobile Notary Public. OK, we know it seems odd, not exactly a synergetic match to our core product line. However, we found that many of our clients need quick convenient access to a notary. All our photographers are bonded State of Texas Notaries. Let your seller know to have their identification handy and we'll take care of it before we leave for the state fee of $6.

Our Mission

Provide magazine quality photography.

We are all about continuous process improvement. By implementing state of the art techniques using specialized equipment and software that increase the range of luminance and sharpness in our photographs we deliver a quality product. Our education, experience, techniques, and skill enables us to present the details, scope, and depth of the subject providing a sense of scale to the image.

Technology is our playground, it makes us happy!

Our Philosophy

Don't forget to be happy.

We strive provide our customers with the best photography experience from beginning to end: Easy-to-schedule timely service, really great images, quick and secure payment methods, and fast quality delivery.

Loving what we do keeps us naturally happy!

Why Choose Us

We take good pictures.

Included in all our real estate photography is an unbranded tour, hosted on our domestic server, and a "digital rumble" for your listing via tweets, postings and links. Our digital rumble gives your listing elevated visibility on the web increasing your Search Engine Page Rank.

  • Our flash product uses wireless multi-flash units illuminates fine details to produce stunning images.

  • The correct aperture ensures all the elements are in sharp detailed focus; yep, All our photographers know how to use the features of their camera to present your listing in it's best light.

  • Each image is individually processed and formatted for NETRIS MLS and your printed media. We're proud of our work and take great care delivering a quality product to you.

  • Unique in the industry relationship were you receive a Non-transferable Image Licensing Agreement to use our work product.

We're proud of our work - It makes us happy!

Our Focus

We focus our lenses on houses, businesses, buildings, equipment, and landscapes: not humans! Shooting with a Canon equipment and wide-angle lenses enables us to capture the full room. Our ability to understand the significance of space, lighting, mood, color accuracy, and the importance of capturing the details enables us to present a complete and accurate image of the property. Our product is complimented by the use of professional image processing software allowing us to enhance your images to portray your listing in its best light. We have an automated delivery and upload process that means you'll get you photos the next day. Our highly personalized and professional service is designed for the Real Estate industry: agents, designers, builders, and architects.

Matt Ross
Principal PhotographerWith 20 years of experience, 7 of which is dedicated to real estate and architectural photography. You can rest assured that his distinctive style will capture your eye.
Jennie Ross
Client Support and PhotographerJennie is our solutions provider: scheduling, questions, problems, social media, generally making things happen. She takes two bookings a day to suport smaller homes that require a different equipment set, or longer drive times. More precisely, she holds down the fort. Can't get something to work right? Call Jennie! at 817.205.6416

Services and Products

  • NTREIS Approved•SUPRA

    As members of the Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors and MetroTex we have SUPRA access, so you don't have to be present at the shoot. We are a NTREIS approved virtual tour provider so our tour links are compatible with MATRIX. We host our tours on our domestic server so they are available on line 24/7.

  • No Login Required • Agent Pages

    Magazine quality photography for your listings formatted for the NTREIS MLS and professionally printed media delivered right to your email with a click to download link. You'll get your own private agent web page that contains all your images, links and videos; you'll never have to hunt for files or look for a link again. Never pay more for your photography no matter how you are going to use it. We give you non-transferable distribution rights to our work product.

  • Mobile Enabled • Easy Share

    Our tours are designed to be viewed on the largest of monitors down to the smallest of screens, your mobile phone. Our platform detects and adapts to the viewing screen media. Our technology enables a consistent user experience, and your listing always looks it's best. Because we understand the increasing importance social medial has to your marketing, we've embedded sharing buttons so you can tweet, link, send and post your tours on your social network.

  • Professional Processing

    Post-production is just as important as the photo shoot. Proper post-production blending, balancing, sharpening and color correction are essential to delivering magazine quality photography to our clients. Most importantly, our work looks natural and not overly processed.

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