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Our hope is that this blog will educate and inform our clients about things that are important to the quality of our work and the industry. We address topics the may interest our primary customer the professional real estate agent, a home owner selling their home, designers, architects and other photographers wanting to learn more about this industry.

Ann Bridgman | Just the Thing Decorating - Blog

Texas Style in Transition

When Southlake was developed twenty years ago, the builders of our homes gave the people what they wanted: lots of texture and visual interest. Cut to 2016 and the mood in home interiors is quite different. Beginning in California, then spreading to the East coast, the Midwest and finally Texas, the trend has turned to lighter walls, cooler hues, and smooth, glassy textures.

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Ann Bridgman | Just the Thing Decorating - Blog

What to do if you are tired of your dark kitchen

Ann Bridgman has been transforming homes since 2002, and enjoys helping homeowners freshen and enliven their interiors to create a beautiful refuge for family and friends. We are delighted that she has agreed to blog about what she loves, transforming our living spaces. We love her vision and ability to create living spaces with her uniquely chic and livable designs.

There are many ways to address a dark kitchen and knowing what to do depends on a host of factors. Here are a few questions I ask in a consultation to determine which solution might be right for a customer:

Google and Twitter Rekindle The Data Relationship

Why Twitter feeding tweets to Google is great for you!

Bloomberg business reported that Twitter & Google Have Deal To Index Tweets Again!

What this means to you as Tweeter:Your tweets will be piped directly to google. Previously, you had to be a Rock Star to have your twitter feed noticed by a Google 'bot.

Google indexing twitter means, the largest search engine in the world is connecting your tweets, the information and message it contains, to its vast collection of data relationships. This data pipe means your tweets will flow freely into Google making them significantly more meaningful to your business because your Tweet will be easier to find on the web.

The Lone Arranger | The Grinch

'Tis the season . . . to put your house on the market!

Surprisingly, many of the agents I work with report strong fourth quarter sales! Buyers have time over the holiday breaks to buy a home and move their families. School children seem to adjust well to a mid-school-year move – a regular schedule, instant friends and activities allow children a chance to get into a groove more quickly than a summertime move.

But a seller during the holidays must be willing to make some sacrifices. As a stager, I recommend removing (or not putting up) holiday or seasonal items. I'M THE GRINCH – I know.

The Lone Arranger | Bringing Positive Energy into a Space

Bringing Positive Energy into a Space
Did you know that spaces, such as your home, have energy? I'm referring to the living energy of a space that manifests itself through the people who live there, the activities they engage in and its overall spirit.

Dear Reader, I know this must seem like an odd, heavy topic, but as a stager I encounter many homes with low-lying energy as a result of some life misfortune.

The Lone Arranger | Home Buying and Selling Superstitions.

Home Buying and Selling Superstitions
There's something about moving - either buying or selling a home - that brings out the superstition in people.

Watching people go through these often involved processes got me thinking about the things people do to ensure that they can either sell their home quickly or move into a new home with a "worry free" start.

Dear Reader, there are some tried and true practices (which I will describe in next week's blog - stay tuned!) but this blog will focus on the more unorthodox and, may I say some are nut-so lengths that buyers and sellers will go.

The Lone Arranger | Why Home Buyers Don't Like Your Pets.

Dear Reader, I know you are wondering why home buyers don't like your pets.

Almost everybody loves pets except the home buyer who is buying your home. Home sellers who adore their pets – and I count myself as a huge pet lover – have a hard time imagining the negative attitudes others harbor against pets. So, while this is a bitter pill to swallow, if you want to get top dollar for your house, pay attention to how much you might lose with a dog or cat in residence.

Making the most of your shoot

We understand selling your home can be a whirlwind of activity and emotion. Making a few changes before the photographer arrives at your home will help you through the process. Your Realtor makes a significant investment in marketing your home and professional photography is one component of a successful marketing program.

Why We Love Twitter

Twitter is an incredibly powerful networking tool for people who rely on creating networks with other professionals to succeed. I like twitter because it enables you to quickly create a large network of people who have a profession or interest similar to your own. Persistence is the key. Keep building your network every day!

A word of caution and advice: humans talk to other humans. Not advertisements, not time-lines, and not robots. Social media is a blending of YOU and technology. It's a tool that used correctly will enable you to connect with your clients on a level where they can visualize YOUR expertise, work-ethic and value.


A twilight shoot transforms the simplest property into a dazzling and dramatic display of the home.  If there's a view or a pool the results are fabulous in the moment of light. Twilight puts the mundane details in to the shadow and highlights the structure.  Well placed up lighting makes it truly magnificent.

Think Social Media Can't Help you?

When we lived in small communities, and not tethered to a mobile communications device, sharing information was a trusted verbal face to face exchange, consumers shared information over the back yeas fence. This direct personal communication has the ability to "make or break" the new shop on the corner. Digital Relationships have just as much impact on your business!

Are You Leaving Money on the Table

Realtors who use professional photography have known it all along: Homes sell faster and at a better price with professional photography. Our Clients tell us every day the impact we have on their ability to quickly turn over a listing.


Our Blogs

Magazine Quality Photography

Perfectly Framed, Sharply Detailed, Luminescent, Beautiful

Have you ever looked at a magazine the beautiful photographs? MLS Images provides magazine quality images using exactly the same state of the art techniques, specialized equipment and software that increase the range of luminance and detail in photographs.

Our experience enables us to capture images that more accurately represent the range of intensity levels occurring naturally in the home and with greater detail.

Social Media Broadcast

Create a "digital rumble" on the web for your listing! We tweet, post and host your listing though our social media channels. If we made a video, we host it on our YouTube channel. Our robust social media network provides your listing more visibility on the web by broadcasting you and your listing.