Our Pricing and Policy


Call 817.205.6416 or 817.897.7677 to schedule.

Because we juggle so many shoots each month, we may not always be able to provide you the preferred appointment on short notice.   24 hours notice of cancellation via telephone is required.

By making an appointment with us you are agreeing to adhere to the terms and conditions of our Service and License Agreement. The two most important being you must call to cancel with-in 24 hours, and you agree to our Non-transferable Image Licensing Agreement.

To assist your client in making the most of your real estate photography investment read our blog on this topic. We can also send you an editable version of the document so you can personalize and provide it to your client.


We offer secure payment options

  • Check at time of service or by mail
  • Electronic payment using Pocket Suite via Credit Card or Bank EFT.

Your payment is due on the day we send you the invoice and reflects a 3% prompt pay discount. We do not hold your images ransom for payment, all links are active when you receive them.

Licensing Agreement conveys with receipt of your payment. Image use without acquiring a license is 10 times the listed cost for the shoot.Read The License Agreement.

Getting Ready

Illustrators and people who design marketing material understand the concept of anchoring, how it moves the eye about a page and groups elements together for impact. Good real estate photography moves you though the image by providing you visual information about the room's purpose, scale, lighting, color, finishes, materials, and details.  The photographs collectively presented by the virtual tour are designed and ordered to make you feel the depth and breadth of the rooms and layout of the home. Your buyer isn't buying the bright red decorative plate you've placed in the center of the counter top:  They are buying the counter top, let them see it! Just moving the plate to the back corner of a counter top doubles perceived length of it.


  • below 1499 square feet$125
  • At least 25 high quality images.

  • Add $25 if property is on 2 to 10 acres


  • 5000 to 5999 square feet $225
  • At least 40 high quality images

  • 6001 and above add $25 per 1000 Sq Ft or increment thereof

Elevated and Drone Photography

Add $50 to any full service shoot, Drone only flight $100

Drone Flights are highly regulated. Luckily, Texas state law enables us to use drones for Real Estate. We abide by all Local, State and Federal laws and regulations. Even if you have requested a drone flight we may not be able to fly the drone due to weather conditions, wind speed nearby airports, FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions affecting the area, flight prohibited areas, tree coverage, power lines; or the lack of a safe place to take off and land.

We are prohibited from taking photographs that contain humans, fly near an airport, or 400 feet above ground level. We must maintain a visual line of sight with our craft, and fly only during daylight hours. We cannot fly when the wind exceeds 11 mile per hours, if the terrain is not acceptable to the pilot for flight, or operate the craft from a moving vehicle. It’s your responsibility to ensure the particular city ordinances and homeowners association allows drone photography. You are responsible for any fines or fees levied against us for a violation from a governmental entity or a homeowner association.

Exterior only

  • When the interior isn't ready! $100
  • 5 High quality images delivered by click to download link.

  • Additional images, $4.00 each

Shoot & Scoot

  • Great for leased properties!-$25Any full service shoot
  • Caveat Emptor: this product is 20 photos MAX and delivers no other product or services. The photographer will not merchandise the property.

  • 15 to 20 high quality images delivered by click to download link.

  • Additional images, $4.00 each FIRM

Branded Video

  • Add to any full Service Shoot$37
  • Branded MP4 video
  • Using still photos, we create a mp4 YouTube video with pan and zoom effects that give the viewer the feeling of movement in the video. We Add your branding and information to the video.

  • Add Music $973.52

Additional Processing

  • Each Image$10
  • Color enhancement and fix minor defects, such as greening grass or removing wall art. Edits compliant with MLS guidelines.

  • We do not remove power poles, water towers, clean badly stained carpets, inserting grass, or remove a car from the driveway.

Adjacent County

  • Travel Surcharge $25
  • Denton, Dallas, Wise, Johnson and Parker counties.
  • Ellis county city of Midlothian
  • Wise county city of Northwest
  • Downtown parking fees & tolls apply

Other Counties

  • Travel Surcharge $35
  • Dallas,Collin, Rockwall, Kaufman, Ellis, Johnson, Somerville, Hood, and Wise counties.
  • Tolls and parking apply

Farm and Ranch

  • By the hour$150
  • Travel charges apply

  • Add one 2 to 3 minute video $150

Out Buildings

  • For each$25
  • Non-contiguous structures or living areas with a separate entrance.

  • Garage apartments, unattached buildings, barns, stables, etc.

Concierge Service, $25

We upload our product into your listing: Expedited AM delivery, image upload, and linking.

Pricing is for Business to Business clients, who receive a volume discount. Business to Consumer clients, such as for sale by owner, or individuals not repersented by an agent incur an additional $50. • Add $25 for Community Amenities.

Our Policies

Our policies establish the relationship we have with our customers and manage expectations. It's important to know that a delay can affect every booking we have for the rest of the day! If we arrive at the location and are unable to shoot, we will charge you for the shoot - we require 24 hours notice of cancellation or we will charge you for the shoot. Call us as soon as you know there is an issue that will impact your shoot or if you have any questions. We want everything about your experience to be the best we can provide. The best thing that you can do is go over our information sheet about making the most of your shoot.

Read "Making the most of your shoot"

We feel the information sheet is so important to the success of your shoot we will provide you an editable copy that you may brand and personalize for your clients. Just ask and we will send it to you in a an MS Word document file type.

If you need assistance getting your images and links into your listing, we'll be happy to upload them for you the first few times until you are comfortable navigating the MLS Media Section. We do charge $15 to perform this service if you routinely need the assistance. Please visit our blog for step-by-step procedures on downloading and extracting images, and a step by step procedure for uploading in to the MLS.

Use of any image without acquiring a license is 10 times the listed cost for the shoot.

Scheduling Policy

In most cases, the maximum time we can wait at your location is 15 minutes before we must start the shoot, we don't want to be late to our next appointment.

  • If your client isn't ready and have to wait to take photos, we may charge you if we stay 30 minutes longer than our scheduled shoot. We are tightly booked so a delay will cause everyone else's shoot to be delayed. If we come back to shoot the exterior or interior because we weren't able to capture everything, we may charge you a return fee that is between $50 and $75 based on the amount of time we need.
  • Thursday and Fridays are our busiest days, so if you are rushing to get your listing up for the weekend, we suggest scheduling your shoot for Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • We do shoot on weekends, Saturday is a full shooting day, with an additional $25, and Sunday we only have two appointments, 2 pm and 4 pm, these are an additional $50.

    We work very hard to get your processed images back to you as quickly as possible, normally we're pretty quick and you will get your images by the end of the next business day. Post-production processing of your images takes considerable time and resources to make sure you have the best product we can deliver. If you need your images the same day, our express processing fee is $50.

Payment Policy

The links contained in your product delivery email are active when you receive it. Payment does not activate the link, it just clicks our happy button.

Your payment is due the day we send your invoice and reflects a 3% prompt pay discount. The discount is removed from your invoice after 7 days.

  • However, we understand working on commission and being self-employed, if you need a bit more time please call us!

Our goal is to provide you the best possible protection with the most convenience. We decided to use a large well known processor that guarantees your protection: PocketSuite , enabled payment system. Its PocketSuite's business and expertise is to keep your credit card information secure. We'd like to keep focus on what's important to us, where our experience and expertise lays: taking great photographs of your home for sale. When you pay online using the link in your invoice, your payment information is processed securely by PocketSuite . The full benefit of their network, expertise and knowledge protects you, your data, and us!

Pets, Kids, Rain & Remotes

Pets can present a problem, especially large exuberant outside dogs, and they can delay the shoot by peering in through the windows (we cannot Photoshop them out) or distracting our photographer because they'll want to play with your dog.

  • If we are unattended at the home and a pet is loose in the back yard or not crated inside the home we will not shoot that area.
  • If there is an unattended minor at the home we will not enter the premises.
  • We don't move furniture, personal items, or clean. However, if we do end up having to move something, we probably won't move it back. If you can't find the remotes look under the pillows.
  • We don't shoot exteriors in the rain, even the smallest amount of rain can fog our lens for the rest of the day. We'll do the interior and come back later for $50 to shoot the exterior if you experienced a rain delay.

What We Deliver to Our Cients

Professional magazine quality individually processed images formatted for high resolution images NETRIS MLS and printed media.

  • Easy and secure delivery via emailed download link so you can print and post immediately.
  • Unbranded tour hosted on our dedicated server located in the US.
  • Linking your tour to realtor.com
  • Hybrid Video shoots include branded tour with your contact information.
  • Non-transferable license, so you can use the images as you choose! This means no extra charges for printed media or reusing the photos as a part of your future marketing campaigns.
  • Personable, expert client support, call we can help!