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Well be offering technology skill building information in short snippets of videos and written step by step procedures, demonstrations of our work, and the occasional bit of humor (& sarcasm). We've attempted to omit as much music, time nibbling graphics, introductory language, and other unnecessary crap as much as possible. Frankly, I'm only writing this introduction to my blog for SEO purposes; sometimes a robot needs a bit of help figuring things out.

We call our videos just in time learning. The information you need to build the foundation of your knowledge base, presented in tiny single topic blogs. These short and to the point videos provide just what you need to know to complete one aspect of a more extensive task. We try and keep videos to under 5 minutes, and YouTube hosted video are transcripted.

I encourage any humans reading this to take a look at our collection of videos and written blogs that may help you complete a task. Our YouTube channel contains an extensive collection of short and to the point technology how-tos. If you dont see what you need here, contact us, most times that's the fastest way.


Why HDR is Obsolete?

The Wireless Flash.

I like to think photographers are part scientist who love a good experiment. Put new technology in our hands and we begin an investigation. We use technology to create new techniques to capture our visual description of the world.

It's hard to tell the story if you don't have a stunning image to back it up
--Ray Villard, public relations director for the Hubble Space Telescope project

Why is a picture worth a thousand words?

Time. A glance is about two seconds. Uninterested users bounce off a web site in about 10 seconds. The average person can read one thousand words in a about 198 seconds.

The more time you spend on something is an indication of how much you have been thinking about it. It’s an indication of the level of effort made to come to a decision. A Real Estate Photo's goal is to make it a quick and easy click for more information.

2 seconds, 10 seconds, 198 seconds.

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

As a realtor, you have an extremely large, in some cases massive, footprint. Every property you list is syndicated nationally and accessible to anyone in the world with internet access. Those photos, and your name are visible on the web for years building your brand image and footprint. Your digital footprint composes the picture of who you are establishing your brand image.

The 9 Things Every Real Estate Photographers should be doing to keep you safe from COVID-19

The 9 Things Every Real Estate Photographers should be doing to keep you safe from COVID-19

These procedures protect the health and safety of the homeowner, the photographer and the realtor. They even protect the NEXT family home we are visiting. Last year we took 11 Covid Tests – thankfully all negative. We take every recommended precaution; these are the 9 things we do to keep you safe.


Our copyright is valued as sacred; we do not transfer or sell our rights to the images we take. Yep - we are serious about our copyright and need to make sure you understand our position and intent to protect our rights.

No matter how crazy you think some of these old superstitions are, when you're desperate to sell, or are just looking for some honest-to-goodness luck, you'd be surprised how willing you are to try anything.

Like the Inuit Eskimos who have hundreds of individual names for the different the types of snow, photographers have hundreds names for the different types of light: hard, soft, diffused, specular, direct, reflected, etc...It’s absolutely everything to a photographer.

Consider these key factors when researching the real estate photographer you need. Do a little self-guided learning to discover the types of photography; it makes a huge difference in your results. Have a conversation directly with the photographer about their business, how they shoot, what they offer and what you expect. You’ll be a lot happier with your results.

In Real Estate, immersive tours significantly improve the interaction a prospective buyer has with a property. A 360° tour by its very nature requires active engagement creating interaction with your listing.

Your real estate photographer is working for you to benefit of the THOUSANDS of people who will be looking at your home on the web. It’s their job to get as many people searching on-line to take a second look at your home.

Let’s be clear, an HDR image is a computer-generated rendering, it’s an image, not a photograph. It’s a distinctive image style where all points of brightness are the same across the dynamic range. Colors, because they are tone mapped don’t always look correct, furthermore significant detail and clarity is lost.

Bringing Positive Energy into a Space

Bringing Positive Energy into a Space

Did you know that spaces, such as your home, have energy? I'm referring to the living energy of a space that manifests itself through the people who live there, the activities they engage in and its overall spirit.

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How To Download and Extract Compressed Zipped Files

How To Download and Extract Compressed Zipped Files

I’m going to share a secret with you. This blog is the second most viewed page on our entire 5,000-page website. Your search landed you here. Be fearless. Double click the folder with the zipper icon, check mark the “show extracted files when complete” and it’s done. But that is the easy part...

learn how
photography is one component of a successful marketing program

Getting ready for your shoot

We understand selling your home can be a whirlwind of activity and emotion. Making a few changes before the photographer arrives at your home will help you through the process. Your Realtor makes a significant investment in marketing your home and professional photography is one component of a successful marketing program.

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MLS Images Policies

Don't spend a minute being frustrated figuring out how to use the images and tours. If you need assistance getting your images and links to your listing and using them on social media; we'll be happy to help you.

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Real estate photography Price

By the square foot, same day delivery. Images, floorplans, video, drone, Zillow 3D home, Matterport, and more. Digital delivery, with MLS Compatible Virtual Tour. Licensed for use on the NTREIS MLS. Non-transferable usage rights.

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Make your marketing stand out!

We use multiple flash units to light a room creating dramatic, eye-catching results.

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MLS-Images business model is different from the rest of the industry.

MLS-Images business model is different from the rest of the industry.

We focus on the entire home as one organic structure and capture the relationship and flow between each room to help define and visualize the layout. The fixtures, finishes, rooms, natural light, colors and mood are important details.

Why We Are Different
Our Image is Your Brand

Brand Management

Every listing builds your on-line legacy, a history of you and your business. Home sellers start looking for a Realtor by personal referrals and on-line research. This makes it easy for them to see how you have marketed homes in the past. Every day we contribute to the image of who we are online.

Buyers Love Floor Plans.

Buyers Love Floor Plans.

Floor plans display the details of the property and start a little romance by imagining future possibilities.

Why Buyers Love Them
Drone Photography

Drone Photography

Drone images and video are key element in delivering comprehensive quality line of services to Real Estate Professionals. Aerial or drone imagery component to provide details you can’t capture from the ground.

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