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Managing  Media in Your NTREIS MLS Listing

Before you start:

  • Verify you have your agent credentials to log into NTREIS.
  • You have extracted any compressed or "Zipped" files into a folder and directory path you know how to get to.
  • Hyperlinks  in an easy to get to text document that you can copy and paste into your listing link media fields (like the delivery email we send to you.)

This step-by-step procedure starts with agent property list view, and presumes you have the listing you want to add media is in the property list as shown below.

Adding Images

  • Open the property in the media manager
  • Click the MLS Number Radio button to select the property listing that you want add your images and links.
  • Launch the media manager by clicking the "Media Manager" from editor menu on the left side of your work area.

b. Click to launch the Media Manager

a. Click to select property to add media

  • The Media Manager window launches, it defaults to the "Images" tab active as shown below.

2.  Click "upload" to Launch the "Open" dialog box

Media Manager Tabs
a. Navigate to the folder with the images
b. Highlight to select images, each file name selected is separated by a comma. You can upload 25 images.
c. Click "open "to upload the files into your listing

    • Click the "Upload" button to launch the "Open" dialog box.  Navigate to the folder where you have your images stored.  It's best to know where you have saved them before you get to this point.  We suggest saving them to your Desktop, Document or Downloads folder.

Once you have located your images in your folder, select the ones you want to upload by highlighting them. You can upload JPG, GIF, and PNG images that are less than 6MB.  If you are uploading photos you took, remember that photos taken with the turned vertically (where the image is taller than it is wide) will distort.

Press the Ctrl (Control) and "A" key to select all the files in the folder!  If you have more than 25 in the folder Press and hold the control key and click on each image you want to select or deselect.

    • Click the "Open" button
  • To arrange your images so they display in the order that you want them. 
    • Click to select an image then Drag and drop to reorder them. The Right side of the screen allows you to edit its description or delete it.
    • Very first image is the primary photo designated by the Green bubble with a check mark.

The Details tab allows to you manage your images by adding a description, Editing the image, or deleting an image.

Click, drag and drop to reorder

  • When you are done arranging, adding descriptions and editing your images, click "Save" at the bottom of the window. Each file will be processed and saved.  If there are any errors, like a file is too large (over 6MB) the system will prompt you with and error. 
    • This is a common error, resample your images to a lower pixel density and re-upload.
    • If you have 25 images and want to change one out you must select the image, click the delete key and Save the change.


  • Click the Links tab, then the "Add Link" button to launch the Add Link Dialog Box.
    • You may add two types of links "Virtual Tour Hyperlink (URL)" and a "WEB Hyperlink (URL)". Click the pull-down menu to choose the type of hyperlink your will be adding.
      • The Virtual Tour Hyper link field is restricted to Approved Virtual tour providers.  The path is defined by NTREIS and the tour provider.  Every tour provider has it unique path.  Note that some providers use www. in the path and some do not require it. We function with both formats:

MLS-Images.com/MLS/123address or www.MLS-Images.com/MLS/123address

a. Select Link Type pull down menu.
b. Paste  link into the URL  field
Link Description

5. Click "Add Link" to launch the "Add Link" dialog box

    • Navigate to the Text file has the links you will be adding. Highlight the entire hyperlink to select it. You may press the control and "c" keys or right click and choose copy to the hyperlink. Navigate back to the media Links window and press the Ctrl (Control) and the letter "V" keys or right click and choose paste to put the link in the URL field.

I use the Alt and Tab key to swap between two open applications so I can quickly copy the link from my email and swap back over to the NTREIS Media window and paste it into the URL field.

Errors are frustrating to troubleshoot!  Here are a few tips to help you:

      • Never use the http:/
      • If you get an error when adding a virtual tour and feel you have it typed correctly, try it without the www. or add the www.
      • Copy and paste the URL into the field rather than manually typing it.
      • Web Links to YouTube.com videos must not have the "www." they start like  youtu.be/xxxxx
  • Click Save to complete the addition of your links.  Don't panic if you forget! You will be prompted.
  • The final step is to test each of your links. Your Links Tab will be populated with the URLs in the order you added them.
    • Click the "View" link to launch a new browser window that will be directed to your link. Note links to .mp4 files take considerable time to load in Internet explorer.  If you see a 404 error it means your link will not work, and you'll need to troubleshoot it. 

7.  Click "View" to test each link

  • The final step is to see how things are displayed.  Click the "View all Media" button at the bottom of the window.
    • Check to make sure all your images look the way you feel they should.
      • If they are very fuzzy or "pixelated" you may have uploaded thumbnails.  Verify that the images you uploaded were pulled from an extracted folder.
      • If they are highly distorted, or look odd, verify the dimension of the file 640x480 pixels.
      • Some Agents use the high resolution images we send, they will work as long as the files size is less than 6MB. If it works, do it!

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