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Wendy Sippel | The Lone Arranger - Blog | The Grinch

We've photographed Wendy's work for years, you can tell if she's been there by her signature green apples and how she presents the home in its best light, highlighting it's features. Staging a home is really an art, requiring a keen eye for details. She makes the hard decisions about what to show and what to hide leaving the entire home with enough character to capture your attention. We're very proud that Wendy has agreed to write a blog and allow us to host it here.

'Tis the season . . . to put your house on the market!

Surprisingly, many of the agents I work with report strong fourth quarter sales! Buyers have time over the holiday breaks to buy a home and move their families. School children seem to adjust well to a mid-school-year move – a regular schedule, instant friends and activities allow children a chance to get into a groove more quickly than a summertime move.

But a seller during the holidays must be willing to make some sacrifices. As a stager, I recommend removing (or not putting up) holiday or seasonal items. I'M THE GRINCH – I know.

The Grinch

Have you ever looked online at photos (while bundled in a sweater drinking hot chocolate) and come across a home with Easter bunnies romping all over the family room? Or Cupid? Uncle Sam? "Holy Cow!" you exclaim. "That home will be a steal! It's been on the market forever!" Dear Reader, we don't want to date your photos. We want a fresh look – an enticing image of your home. If you must decorate for the holidays, limit yourself to just a few, tasteful items. And please wait to haul them out of the attic until AFTER the photos!

Awhile back I staged a home with small children – Believers. A tree with handmade ornaments was in the living room – adorable - but, I needed to keep it out of the photos. Did I mention it was in an odd place? Right next to the sofa in the middle of the room? Determined to get these sellers fabulous photos, my assistant and I attempted to move the tree to the empty corner of the room. Upon further review, we discovered the tree was tethered with rope to the sofa legs. This was new to me! Shortly, we realized why. After releasing the tether, the tree promptly took a nose dive. My poor assistant (who has since "retired") was trapped – with the tree on her back. Much excitement later (and a dozen or so wooden train tracks used as wedges – don't judge, that's all we could find), the tree was proudly situated in the corner away from the camera's eye.

This, Dear Reader, was a Christmas Miracle. Nothing less.

So, if you or someone you love are considering selling during the winter holidays, or really any holiday, please consider keeping your seasonal items packed away so they'll be ready to move!

Happy Holidays!

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