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Why We Love Twitter


I teach Twitter school to Real Estate agents and other professionals (humans) who network. Twitter is an incredibly powerful networking tool for people who rely on creating networks with other professionals to succeed.  I like twitter because it enables you to quickly create a large network of people who have a profession or interest similar to your own.  Persistence is the key.  Keep building your network every day!

A word of caution and advice: humans talk to other humans. Not advertisements, not time-lines, and not robots. Social media is a blending of YOU and technology.  It's a tool that used correctly will enable you to connect with your clients on a level where they can visualize YOUR expertise, work-ethic and value. 

Good Tweeting

You have 140-character limit (280 as of the fall of 2017, YIPPI I'm a happy tweeter), this includes spaces and grammar marks. Try not to use abbreviations and don't over use #hashtags; a hashtag is a nifty tool identifying the topic of your tweet. Remember the reader is a human, not a robot. Surprisingly, that typical "human" Twitter user is older, male, educated, and has a good job. This makes Twitter an ideal platform for Real Estate agents!

To be sure your tweets are "ReTweetable" limit them to about 120 (Think about keeping your tweets to about 220, remember the spirt of Twitter) characters; this allows the user to insert a bit of their own information. Be personable, not too personal and above all conversational. Say what you think and what you are doing, listen to what your Tweeps are saying and respond when you can add value to the conversation.

Stick to using the 26 characters of the alphabet and grammar marks.  Special characters and Twitter designations such as "@ #, in addition to "$_+=/><`~"\|]}[{" may resolve differently in the viewer's browser,  furthermore a human interpret it as an "bleeped" expletive!

If you're plagued by spam, you might consider a validation service.  However, it will slow the growth of your following, as the validation process turns something that is easy in to a multi-step process that may annoy.

Real Estate Tweets

A good Tweet will include the complete address with the city hash tagged (for example #Keller), omit the zip code and use only common abbreviations for drive street lane etc... This makes the listing address searchable on the web getting your message out faster with more content in different places. Better yet, your name and phone number are also more visible on the web.  For example your Tweeted home shows up on our Twitter widget time line on this website, along with anyone who retweets it. A well composed Tweet travels!

A Special Note About Whisper Listings

We promote a DFW local effort to assist Realtors market local homes for sale by hosting the Twitter account @WhisperListing specifically targeting the DFW Real Estate community.  Please visit the site www.whisper-listing.com for more information or just follow us on twitter.

Confused, annoyed, just need to speak to a human?

Don't feel bad about contacting us. My sister refuses to speak anything but human.  None of our interventions have helped.

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Our Blogs

Magazine Quality Photography

Perfectly Framed, Sharply Detailed, Luminescent, Beautiful

Have you ever looked at a magazine the beautiful photographs? MLS Images provides magazine quality images using exactly the same state of the art techniques, specialized equipment and software that increase the range of luminance and detail in photographs.

Our experience enables us to capture images that more accurately represent the range of intensity levels occurring naturally in the home and with greater detail.

Social Media Broadcast

Create a "digital rumble" on the web for your listing! We tweet, post and host your listing though our social media channels. If we made a video, we host it on our youtube channel. Our robust social media network provides your listing more visibility on the web by broadcasting you and your listing.