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Our Blog

Our hope is that this blog will educate and inform our clients about things that are important to our quality of work and our industry. We address topics the may interest our primary customer the professional real estate agent, a home owner selling their home, designers, architects and other photographers wanting to learn more about this industry.

Extracting your images from the product delivery email we send you

download files

Click the download link in the email we send you.

If you get an error or the hyperlink doesn't not launch a save file prompt, click and drag the mouse to highlight the hyperlink then press the Control and "c" keys at the same time to copy (Or right click and choose copy) it to your buffer.

download files

Launch your browser , then move your cursor into the Omni bar (a.k.a address bar) the and press the Control and "v" keys at the same time paste the in to the Omni bar, if you are using Internet explorer for Fire Fox you will be prompted if you want to save or open the file, choose "Save As" where you can rename and specify the location where to save th file..

If you are using Chrome (our preferred browser) the download will start without prompting and save the file to your user download folder. The download status will be displayed in the lower left corner of your browser. You can click it to open the folder automatically when the download is complete.

download files

  • For internet explorer users The "Save As" option gives you the opportunity to save the file to a location of your preference, such as your Desktop or Documents folder.  Choose a directory that you know how to get too easily!
  • In this example, we are saving the file to the desktop.


download files

There are two quick ways to extract the file

1.  Right click the folder and choose "Extract all form the menu or

2. double click the to open the folder.

download files

Note for Mac users: Just double click the file and it will automatically extract.

download files

To extract all files, right-click the compressed folder, and then click Extract All. In the Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard, prompt you where you want to store the extracted files.  Save the extracted file in a location that you know how to get to and makes sense to you and your work flow.