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We'll be offering technology skill building information in short snippets of videos and written step by step procedures, demonstrations of our work, and the occasional bit of humor (& sarcasm). We've attempted to omit as much music, time nibbling graphics, introductory language, and other unnecessary crap as much as possible. Frankly, I'm only writing this introduction to my blog for SEO purposes; sometimes a robot needs a bit of help figuring things out.

We call our videos "just in time learning." The information you need to build the foundation of your knowledge base, presented in tiny single topic blogs. These short and to the point videos provide just what you need to know to complete one aspect of a more extensive task. We try and keep videos to under 5 minutes, and YouTube hosted video are transcripted.

I encourage any humans reading this to take a look at our collection of videos and written blogs that may help you complete a task. Our YouTube channel contains an extensive collection of short and to the point technology how-tos. If you don't see what you need here, contact us, most times that's the fastest way.

Exactly what you need for fast and professional delivery. MLS-Delivery is tailored to the unique needs of Real Estate Photographers and their clients, Real Estate agents. Socially enabled, intuitive, and fast media delivery designed for The Real Estate industry. Your clients see your branding on an accessible, simple and elegant interface.


November 2017 by

The CBS code, allows you to control who can open the SUPRA KeyBox by requiring a 7-digit access code. MLS Affiliate members, like Photographers, require a CBS code regardless if it’s enabled.

Remember to disable "Require CBS" feature before existing the Keybox detail screen. If the CBS code is active in a KeyBox everyone must enter the CBS code to open the KeyBox.

This video is specifically designed to help homeowners get ready for professional photography. Market competition is fierce and the goal is to get as many people to look at your home in person. The first hurdle is presenting them with well composed, light and bright photography that provides details about the home’s appearance and layout; the scale of the rooms, finishes and fixtures; details that can only be captured by photography. The concept of merchandising is to display the home beautifully while making room for buyers to visualize living there. We do this by eliminating personal items and leveraging your decorating.

This video identifies the process of upload images into NTREIS MATRIX and linking your Virtual Tours to your listing. We will also show you a few shortcuts to save you time. This procedure assumes that you have an incoming or active listing without photos. Everyone’s work flow is different! We encourage you to use a process that works for you.

Agent User Interface


This video identifies the features and functions of the MLS-Delivery Agent Page.

360 video walkthroughs click my happy button. Launch this 360 video where the listing agent glamorously walks the home sharing details. Move the video around while she's talking to see what you want. The two things I enjoy about 360 video is that they are social media friendly and interruptive.

The 360 video support on Facebook and YouTube is a truly unique way to share immersive 360 images and video with the world. You are blessed with the power to put the video in front of large audiences quickly. When you add a bit if supporting text, these platforms make them searchable and shareable. Over time they stay tagged to your brand because they are physically located on your channel and page!

Watching videos can be a passive mind-numbing experience were the only control available is to pause, stop, or mute audio. The very nature of 360 video completely changes the way we watch. A 360 video transforms a typically passive experience to an active one, requiring a physical interaction to control the view the video. Advertising needs to be interruptive! It's designed to stop you from moving on the to the next post. Those few extra seconds of interest means they are receiving more of your message, creating a lasting memory.

Effective advertising is memorable.

It's another click of my happy button