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Think Social Media can't help you?

Empowered Through Technology

When we lived in small communities, and not tethered to a mobile communications device, sharing information was a trusted verbal face to face exchange, consumers shared information over the back yard fence. This direct personal communication had the ability to "make or break" the new shop on the corner. Digital relationships you develop in the cyber universe have just as much impact on your business!

Social media is the new back yard fence.

The graphic above shows the impact social media can have in an established network.
  • The Mallard Street home was Tweeted and re-tweeted a few times, posted on Facebook and a Video Tour was hosted on YouTube.
  • In 24 hours, before it even made it to MLS, the virtual tour was viewed buy 207 people
  • Digital Broadcasting helps empower Realtors with the use of technology.

Today's digital communication is about developing trusted human relationships using technology.  Digital communication and relationships, empowers Realtors through technology by connecting with buyers and sellers.  Social media delivers quality information quickly in an highly visible, easy to access and use venue to people who want the information.   

Laurie Anderson, of the Anderson Team and Jennie Ross, Mrs-Its.com launched the site www.whisper-listing.com with the vision of providing area Realtors a social media instructor to improve marketing. This resulted in the #DFWWhisperListing Hash Tag campaign. It's about MAXIMUM EXPOSURE. By allowing listings to be marketed during the 2-5 day downtime (which occurs AFTER the listing agreement is signed but BEFORE it hits MLS, in accordance with Realtor Association requirements.) Realtors participating in the Twitter #DFWWhisperListing campaign will have a distinct advantage in selling and building their twitter following.

Follow @WhisperListing and join a TWITTER Hash Tag campaign about #DFWWhisperListing.

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