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There's something about moving - either buying or selling a home - that brings out the superstition in people. By The Lone Arranger, Wendy Sipple

When Jennie and Matt asked me to write a blog about staging, I was stumped on how to begin. I've been staging homes for 12 years in the DFW area, and prior to that, I was a Realtor in Santa Barbara, California. Needless to say, I've seen a lot of homes, sold a lot of homes, and staged a lot of homes!

There's something about moving - either buying or selling a home - that brings out the superstition in people.

Watching people go through these often involved processes got me thinking about the things people do to ensure that they can either sell their home quickly or move into a new home with a "worry free" start.

Dear Reader, there are some tried and true practices (which I will describe in next week's blog - stay tuned!) but this blog will focus on the more unorthodox and, may I say some are nut-so lengths that buyers and sellers will go.

Old Wives' Tales to Buy or Sell

Old Wives' Tales to Buy or Sell
  • Bring your cat to a home you're interested in and send him out into the yard. If he comes running back, quickly, the house is unlucky. If the cat stays a while, put in an offer because, my friend, you've found yourself a home!
  • If you've bought a home that you feel is your dream home,make sure the first person who enters the home carries bread (or rice), salt and a new broom. Never bring an old broom into your new home.
  • If you're looking at a new home, or are showing the home, make sure you and your guests enter and exit using the same door you entered.
  • When selling a home, everyone may be familiar with the "baking chocolate cookies" trick. Try cutting lemons or dabbing vanilla on lightbulbs instead.
  • You should never move in on a Friday, or when the moon is waxing. Wednesdays or Saturdays are the best days for moving.
  • Placing a comb under your bed will bring you prosperity and luck - this works whether you are buying or selling.
  • When showing your home, put fennel over your door jambs to keep out negativity.

No matter how crazy you think some of these old superstitions are, when you're desperate to sell, or are just looking for some honest-to-goodness luck, you'd be surprised how willing you are to try anything. Besides, what can it hurt? You may or may not need a cat anymore, everyone needs a new broom, how hard is it to find the front door, lemons and vanilla smell good, movers are probably cheaper on Wednesdays, we should always have neatly combed hair, and who knows when you might need fennel for your Italian recipes?