Wendy Sippel, The Lone Arranger Bringing Positive Energy into a Space

Did you know that spaces, such as your home, have energy? I'm referring to the living energy of a space that manifests itself through the people who live there, the activities they engage in and its overall spirit.

Dear Reader, I know this must seem like an odd, heavy topic, but as a stager I encounter many homes with low-lying energy as a result of some life misfortune.

Old Wives' Tales to Buy or Sell

Energy is in everything: thoughts, words, ideas, emotions and actions. When there is laughter, honesty and positive communication in a space your body can feel it. Conversely, arguments and conflict disrupt energy. Positive and negative energy becomes embedded in everything: walls, ceilings, furniture and drapes – even paint and wallpaper absorb energy. Think about what's embedded in your home or work space or the home you are trying to sell.

Divorce, depression and death leave low-lying energy: Drags down the space and gives it a heavy feeling

When parents separate or experience a painful divorce, the house can sometimes be weighed down by a "hostility hangover" As an interior redesigner and stager I work with clients to help change the energy of their spaces. Many of my clients are realtors who hire me to work on the energy of the homes that just aren't selling.

Although there are many reasons why a home might not sell, the two most common causes I see:

Families are resisting the move

Homes are feeling the effects of negative energy, such as divorce

Have you ever walked into a space and had the feeling that something was off? (Let's not confuse bad energy with a bad smell, but sometimes they do go hand-in-hand!) The off-feeling could be the result of illness, slamming doors, etc. We want the energy in the house working with not against you.

Bringing Positive Energy into a Space (and you may think I'm crazy on a few of these, but desperate times / desperate measures, and they're free!)

1. Disturb the low-lying energy by waving your arms and legs and clapping your hands (ok, so I do this when no one is looking).

2. Place green apples in a bowl on the kitchen table (feng shui – green is the color of money and good fortune, plus they last for two weeks before rotting).

3. Clutter sucks up the energy in a space. Negative energy needs to cling to something so it'll choose the stack of magazines piled on the floor. If there's clutter in your home, even hidden in an attic, it's cluttering your mind as well as your body.

4. Our belongings hold the thoughts and memories that we attach to them – everything should lift our spirits! So, if you don't love it set it free! Pass it along and by doing so you'll be opening up space for something more spectacular! Don't keep things just in case they might be useful someday – get rid of what you're not using and trust that your future needs will be provided for.

Cleansing personal spaces of negative energy is just as important to our health as cleaning our home of germs. Looking upon your spaces and belongings with love and gratitude creates a positive, welcoming environment that supports your goals and dreams!