License Agreement

License Agreement is conveyed to the client on receipt of payment in full.

Agreement: MLS Images, and the photographer, with whom we have a work for hire agreement, grants our client, upon payment, the non-transferable and non-assignable use of images for the exclusive purpose of marketing and advertising a home for sale, or commercial property, and their own personal business.

MLS Images and the photographer grants our client the non-exclusive license, to publicly display on the client's website, web advertisements, social media, printed marketing, and for the distribution and syndication via MLS on receipt of full payment. Links to the images and tours we provide are disabled after two years, and your license expires in 10 years.

Unauthorized third-parties are expressly prohibited from transmitting, broadcasting, selling, licensing, printing, distributing or otherwise using or exploiting our work in any manner. Unlicensed usage is billed at 10X the amount of the original shoot.

Provisions: MLS Images retains all copyright to images delivered to the client as well as any other rights which may not be detailed in this agreement. Selling, transferring, or redistribution of photographic images, 360 images, and video by the client is forbidden.

Indemnity: The Client indemnifies and holds harmless MLS Images, and the photographer, against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses stemming from a breach of this agreement, the use of the image, your failure to abide by any restriction regarding the use of an image, or any claim by a third party related to the use of the image.

Our Copyright is protected by federal law under the United States Copyright Act, to ensure we receive the full protection of federal copyright law, MLS-Images retains copyright all our work. We reserve the right to pursue penalties and other remedies to the fullest extent allowed by the US Copyright Act. If you choose to violate our rights, we will send you an invoice reflecting the unauthorized use of our images, and violation of the rights of our client to commissioned the work and their usage rights.


License Agreement in Plain English

  • Our Client may use the images as they please on the internet, in your printed material, on a billboard: anywhere; as long as you have paid us.
  • You may not sell or transfer use of the images to the home-owner, another agent, your broker, or any other person or entity for business activities that are not specifically related to your own business ventures specifically related to selling the home and marketing your business.
  • We, MLS Images, own the copyright to the images.
  • Our copyright is valued as sacred; we do not transfer or sell our rights to the images we take. We will pursue legal action for the theft of our property. Yep - we are serious about our copyright and need to make sure you understand our position and intent to protect our rights.
  • Like what you see on the MLS and use it without our license agreement, we will send you an invoice for ten times the listed price. Yep, really!

Terms and Conditions of Service

Your non-transferable Photography License conveys on payment in full; you may use them as you choose to market your own personal business. You may not sell, trade or transfer the license to the images.

You must call to cancel or reschedule your shoot the day (24 hours) before, if we show up and cannot shoot we will bill you.

If you don't send us information on how to get into the house, we'll just assume someone will meet us there. If not we'll need the CBS or Combo code before we arrive.

If the alarm goes off or there are unattended minors in the home, other workers on site. We will leave and you will be billed for the shoot.

If there are unrestrained pets in an area we will not shoot it. We are not responsible for pets that leave the premises under the power of their own independent action and volition.

We reserve 10 minutes to work with you to merchandise the home, we assume the home is in ready to shoot condition. If you feel the home will need staging, arrive before our appointment so the home is ready for us.

Sugestions for the Perfect Shoot

Please turn off the fans and pull up blinds before our arrival, leaving the overhead lights on.

Once we arrive move things once, rather than from place to place (it slows us down). Put things in the wash room, pantry, garage, or even the neighbor's backyard. We need to hustle from shot to shot, working quickly to manage the light.

Herd your client’s family and pets. Keep them occupied in another room completely out of the view of the lens. We can see through the windows both ways! We have duct tape if you need it. Sneaky cats are the worst photo bombers. Even the nicest dog in the whole wide world can become frightened of our tripod - we don't like being bitten - it hurts.

If you can help it, do not schedule your shoot on trash day.

Above all call us if you have questions, concerns, need technical assistance, or just feel like saying hi. Matt’s number is 817.897.7677 and Jennie’s number is 817.205.6416..