MLS-Images Real Estate Videos

Favorite Real Estate Videos

These are videos we love, agent walkthroughs, time lapses, ranches, lakefront, social media teasers, a bit of everything. They contain drone footage, video captured with our Sony gear, edelkrone slider, studio lighting, cameras suction mounted to the roof of our car, gimbal mounted 4k camera; humans, cows bees and beaches. Everything that tickles us.

Real Estate Agent Moderated Walkthrough

Agent walkthroughs leave you feeling like you know someone yet you’ve never met, and visited someplace you’ve never been. We get asked “When is Lisa making another video?”, or hear “OMG I love Barbara”, or “Robin is so fun! – I can’t wait for her next video!” from people who have never met Lisa, Barbara, or Robin. Agent moderated walkthroughs are a captivating introduction to a home that only the seller’s agent can provide.

Agent Introductions

These videos are an excellent tool for differentiating your service from the competition by putting a face to the brand building trust. When you put your self-front and center people feel that they know you, and build a connection to you. These videos start the relationship with you and play a powerful role identifying if you are a good business and personality match for their needs.

Time Lapse

Put the grandeur of nature’s work on display! Enjoy a spectacular sunrise over a wind-swept beach on a cool morning as the sun meanders over the horizon and shines through the clouds illuminating the ocean with golden rays. A time lapse video requires, special equipment and software, and above all patience.

Social Media Teasers

These little videos are meant to capture a viewer’s attention when scrolling through a media feed. The are quick little snippets of information lasting only about 30 seconds. Employing a fast moving and dramatic movement they are meant to cause the view to pause and read your post.

Real Estate Video Tours and Everything...

These links to all the videos we’ve made in the last year. We will never get over the amazement of what video does for buyer engagement. We are tickled by this particular story about a home we captured. A buyer personally touring a home had watched the video so many times she played the video during her personal tour so she could not miss any detail dancing to the music!