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Why professional photography is important, the answer will surprise you!

We all know photography is a key component that’s sells homes. It’s been proven by study after study that PROFESSIONAL photography sells homes 50% (or more) faster. But did you know it's a key component of the listing agent's future web legacy?

As we’ve said before the internet never forgets. Every listing builds your on-line legacy, a history of you and your business. Home sellers start looking for a Realtor by personal referrals and on-line research. This makes it easy for them to see how you have marketed homes in the past. Every day we contribute to the image of who we are online.

Your real estate images represent your brand.

Our Image is Your Brand

The very first piece of marketing a buyer sees is a photograph by filtering through real estate syndication sites like Zillow and, flipping through thousands of photos. Those photos depict the lifestyle - a mix of the location, comfort, function and features the home offers to those who live there.

Photography works in concert with all the marketing information developing a twinkle of interest, causes them to pause and helps them decide if the home offers what they need. That moment of igniting buyer’s interest, prompting them to take the next step, contacting a realtor.

One of the many hats a listing agent wears is marketing professional. Making hard choices on the type of media they use to market the home, curating the properties’ selling message. Messaging is the story the seller agent presents marketing the property to the right buyer in the right way to achieve the seller’s goals. Not all homes will benefit by the use of a drone shot, floor plan, or matterport or a full production video.

Carefully curated photos are a fundamental element of the quickly capturing buyers. The mix of photos, videos and tours that captured a buyer also contribute to what a seller sees about how you market homes for sale.

How important is photography in a hot market? EXTREMELY important.

As a realtor, you have a large digital footprint. Every property you list is syndicated nationally and accessible to anyone in the world with internet access. Those photos are on the web for years and build your brand image and footprint. Your digital footprint composes the picture of who you are establishing your brand image.

Using the right photographer with the right skill, product line, equipment and experience leverages a home’s unique features marketing it in the right way, to the right buyer and build your brand image. Leverage the web to build a brand that invites clients to work with you.