Call 817.205.6416 or 817.897.7677 to schedule. We may not always be able to provide you the preferred appointment on short notice. 24 hours notice of cancellation via telephone is required.

In most cases, the maximum time we can wait at your location is 15 minutes before we must start the shoot, we don't want to be late for our next appointment. It's important to know that a delay can affect every booking we have for the rest of the day. If your client isn't ready and we have to wait to take photos, we may charge you if we stay 30 minutes longer than our scheduled shoot. If we come back to shoot the exterior or interior because we weren't able to capture everything, we may charge you a return fee that is between $50 and $75 based on the amount of time we need. Call us as soon as you know there is an issue that will impact your shoot or if you have any questions.

The building must have power for lighting and functional heat and air conditioning. If the power is off or the building is not conditioned we will only shoot the exterior.

Post-production processing of your images takes considerable time and resources to make sure you have the best product we can deliver. We work very hard to get your processed images back to you as quickly as possible. You should get your still images, twilights, and luxury processing service products by the next day. iGuides are delivered within three business days. Don't hesitate to call us if your delivery has not arrived as expected.

Please CALL to reschedule or cancel.



We do not hold your images ransom for payment; all links are active when you receive them. Licensing Agreement conveys with receipt of your payment. Your payment is due the day we send your invoice and reflects a 5% prompt pay discount. The discount is removed from your invoice after 7 days.

We offer three payment options: Check or cash at time of service or electronic payment using PocketSuite via Credit Card or Bank EFT.

Our goal is to provide you the best possible protection with the most convenience. We decided to use a well-known processor that guarantees your protection: PocketSuite. Its PocketSuite's business and expertise to keep your credit card information secure. We'd like to keep our focus on what's important to us, where our expertise lay: taking great photographs of your home for sale. When you pay online your payment information is processed securely by PocketSuite. The full benefit of their network, expertise, and knowledge protects you, your data, and us!

Deliveries are active when you receive them, payment does not activate the link, it just clicks our happy button.

GREAT Windows

Pets, Kids, Rain, Alarms & Remotes

Pets can present a problem, especially large exuberant outside dogs. Dogs can delay the shoot by peering in through the windows or distracting our photographer because they'll want to play with your dog. If we are unattended at the property and a pet is loose in the backyard or not crated, we will not shoot that area. BTW: Cats are the worst photo-bombers - they love to pose for our camera!

If there is an unattended minor at the home we will not enter the premises.

We don't shoot exteriors in the rain, even the smallest amount of rain can fog our lens for the rest of the day. We will shoot the interior and come back later for $50 to shoot the exterior if you experience a rain delay.

We do not enable or disable alarms; this is a liability and insurance issue; alarms must be disabled before our arrival. If the alarm is triggered, we will exit the home and wait until the police arrive.

We do not move furniture, personal items, valuables, or clean. However, if we do end up moving something, we probably will forget to put it back.

If you can't find the remotes look under the pillows, your toothbrush is in your closet.

Getting Ready

Make the most of your shoot

Send your client these links

Send Getting Ready Links

The best thing that you can do is go over our information sheet about making the most of your shoot. We feel the information sheet is essential to the success of your shoot we will provide you an editable copy that you may brand and personalize for your clients. Just ask, and we will send it to you in an MS Word document file type.

Make the most of your product

Don't spend a minute being frustrated figuring out how to use the images and tours. If you need assistance getting your images and links to your listing and using them on social media; we'll be happy to help you. Please visit our youtube blog for step-by-step procedures for downloading and extracting images, and a step by step procedure for uploading into the MLS, and Social Media Best practices.